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While yachting is a sport that you can enjoy without being in good shape, it will be more enjoyable if you can improve your physical conditioning.

The most obvious place to start is swimming. Swimming will not only get you in shape, it will also make yachting a lot safer. While you don't have to be an Olympic swimmer, having a good, strong stroke will keep you safe should you go overboard.

In addition, as the prime physical requirement for yachting is endurance, the pool is a good place to build up your cardio fitness. Regularly swimming laps will help you prepare for your time out on the water.

Other ways of building endurance include brisk walking, running, biking, or using the cardio machines at your local health club or gym.

There's lots to choose from - treadmill, rower, stepper, cross-trainer - of these the best bet is probably the rower.

Competitive yachtsmen and women also work on their strength and flexibility - regular gym sessions focusing on the upper body and the core will give you the strength you need.

Finally, adding in some flexibility training, whether it be regular stretching, or perhaps some yoga, will add to your flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries.

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