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The success of strength training comes from consistent practice. Setting goals and reevaluating them at intervals will assist you in maintaining a regular routine. Before beginning your program, determine exactly what it is you are endeavoring to achieve. Would you like to build muscle mass simply to look good and feel better? Are you interested in maintaining existing muscle tone? Or, do you hope to increase your strength in order to improve your ability to play a chosen sport? Your strength-training strategy will be determined by your overall goal.

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The most common reason for strength training is increasing muscle mass. Those embarking on the journey of increasing their bulk will need to set both long-term and short-term goals. Long-term goals can be determined in conjunction with a trainer or physician, who will advise you of a safe target to set. Once you have determined your target mass, it is advisable to visualise yourself sporting your future new physique. Short-term goals will then assist you in embodying the picture in your mind's eye.

Muscles are developed through a system involving progressive resistance training. As this system is based on increasing the amount of weight being lifted in small increments, over a set period of time, short-term goals are essentially built into the program for you. The idea is to workout until you experience muscle fatigue. Of course, over time, it will take heavier weights to induce such muscle fatigue. It is important to be realistic about what you are hoping to achieve, so as not to be discouraged. Although this type of training has rapid results, they may not be visible at first, but should be reflected in the amount of weight you are able to lift.

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