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The fitness industry is an ever-growing and competitive one with leisure jobs seemingly everywhere. Those seeking a rewarding career in the health and fitness industry can find an overwhelming amount of advice on the Internet.

There is a vast array of fitness jobs and opportunities for those seeking a career in this field. Career opportunities include: instructors, trainers, consultants, physiotherapists, managers, marketing directors, and membership consultants. Training within the fitness sector varies according to each specialisation.

Job Search
Search internet for fitness and training associations, financing, legal advice as well as top jobs. All this and more online with GymUser.co.uk.
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Job profiles
Search online for a vast array of job profiles. These include personal trainers who tailor programs composed of dietary and fitness techniques and advice, fitness instructors who teach individuals or groups specialised skills and health and fitness consultants who train and assess fitness trainers and instructors.
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Personal training jobs
Finding jobs doesn't have to be difficult. Find out more about the training you require online. This includes fitness instructors (no formal training rather specialised certification), Sports Medicine and physiotherapy (degree programs (BSc)) or Business related roles (degree or diploma program).
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Health club jobs
These positions are incredibly diverse. These jobs include fitness instructors (lead classes in specialised skills), personalised trainers (work one-to-one creating individualised fitness and dietary programs), marketing directors (create or design sponsorship or membership initiatives) and membership consultants (inform new members of benefits of signing on).
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Company showcases
Numerous gyms and fitness centres seek to hire fitness professionals and that could be you. Find out more about the companies available in your industry.
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