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With fitness in the UK still booming, we believe that you should be able to find the information you want quickly and simply. Not only that, but it should be representative of the fitness industry within the UK - in other words not a site that has a heavy US slant to all the content. From boot camps through to personal trainers, civic centres or gyms, you can use this information wherever you train.

We all want quality of life and fitness can be the key to healthy living and a great lifestyle. While we know you are interested in becoming healthier (that's why your here) presumably you don't have all day to surf for it. The channels we'll be developing will bring you the very best in current thinking about this vast subject, so select the area of interest below:

Exercise basics
To ensure you don't end up worse off then before you were trying to get fit, check out the stretching and warming up exercises that will help prevent injuries.
More on exercise basics...
Exercise benefits
The way which you get fit is by exercising which has a vast number of benefits. We look at the different exercises, what's good and how it will help you.
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Sports nutrition
When you are training, make sure you get the nutrition that will help you whether you are working out for fun or into professional sports. Get healthy and fit today.
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Specialist fitness
This area covers more specialist exercising where you have take into account additional factors such as age, weight, pregnancy, sports injuries or post operations.
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Personal training
Get one on one assist for your training with a personal trainer. Let them cut through the jargon and let you start out from scratch without all the research.
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