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More Energy

If you, like many others, find yourself lacking the energy to get through the day, consider incorporating a few simple energy-boosting steps to into your daily routine. Before taking strides to remedy your situation, you'll need to begin by pinpointing exactly what it is that is running you down. Be honest with yourself and consider your sleeping habits, the foods you consume, and your fitness levels. The next step is to make small positive adjustments, then evaluate your progress, and finally to amend your efforts or reward your progress as necessary.

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Sleeping Habits

Lack of sleep is the most common reason for feeling drained. The average person needs at least seven hours of sleep per night; yet many of us seem to only be able to squeeze in five. To determine if you are sleep deprived, commence a daily log consisting of the hours of sleep you get each night, and the time of day at which your energy begins to wane. When examining your sleep patterns over the course of a week, if you observe sporadic sleeping spells, and a drop in energy levels at regular intervals throughout the day, it is likely that you are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can be triggered by many sources, including stress and anxiety, caffeine, and nicotine. To conquer your lack of sleep you should opt for creating a serene sleeping environment. Do not bring your work into the bedroom. Turn off the television a few hours before bed, and practice meditation to clear your mind, or enjoy some light reading. A few drops of lavender aromatherapy oils on the bed should encourage restful sleep. Should these tips not do anything to improve your situation, you may want to consult your General Practitioner for further advice, or to address more serious problems.


Caffeine and sugar are the main dietary culprits resulting in tiredness. Their allure may be the instant boost they induce, but it is only fleeting. Within an hour of consumption, you will inevitably feel worse than you did prior to ingesting. Other culprits of tiredness are carbohydrates, dairy, and overeating. Replace these with small meals composed of what have recently been dubbed the new super foods such as: avocados, tuna, fish, and blueberries.


Boost your metabolism by including physical activity into your daily routine. A brisk walk, a swim, or participation in a sport will instantly make you feel more alert, and ready to take on the day ahead. Begin by introducing fun activities that you enjoy, as they will keep you motivated. If you are pressed for time, you may even consider ways of making slight adjustments to your existing daily activities by replacing the elevator with the stairs, or cycling to work rather than driving.

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