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Effect of stress on energy levels

When you are looking for more energy, taking measures to reduce your stress is the first thing you should be considering.

Stress acts as a huge destroyer of energy levels because it affects your posture, the way your body metabolises carbohydrates (which are the primary macronutrient for energy), and affects your overall mental state.

One great way to help reduce stress is performing yoga, pilates, or other physical relaxation exercises. Because of the deep breathing activities you will do while participating in these, you will gain a better sense of control over your emotions.

Another way you can work towards reducing anything in your life that is causing you excess worry is journaling. Taking ten minutes at the end of each day to simply write down your thoughts can work tremendously well for putting things in your life into perspective. Far too often we begin worrying about issues that really are not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Always try and keep the 'big picture' in mind when assessing the various things going on in your life and what is really, truly important.

Finally, try and take a few hours each week to do something just for yourself. Whether it is a massage, having your nails done, going for a game of golf, or whatever it is you love to do, this will go a long ways to enhancing your energy levels and your overall sense of well being.

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