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Sleep for more energy

In today's busy world, it seems like almost everyone is starting to sacrifice on sleep. This is unfortunately because not only does sleep play a very crucial role in your ability to think effectively, it also can wreak havoc on your energy levels if you are not getting enough.

You should be aiming to get at least seven hours each night, if not more. If you regularly participate in a great deal of intense physical activity, again, you will definitely need more sleep. While you are resting your body is repairing the bodily tissues that have been broken down, so if you are short-circuiting yourself of this, you will not be recovering as quickly, and thus, it will drastically affect your performance in the gym.

In order to promote a better rest during the night hours, try and set the room to a slightly cooler temperature than you would during the day. Additionally, avoid consuming a great deal of protein right before bed, as for some individuals, this can keep them awake.

If you are going to have a late-night snack, a slow digesting carbohydrate would be a good choice because carbohydrates tend to cause a release in serotonin, which will serve to relax the body and create sleepiness.

If you happen to be dieting or on a low carb diet, then reach for something that has the amino acid tryptophan in it, such as milk or turkey. This again will help to promote restfulness and hopefully help prevent you from staying awake.

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