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Nutrition & energy levels

If you are looking for more energy, nutrition is going to play a major role. Getting good nutrition will ensure that you are meeting your requirements for all the vitamins and minerals that are associated with a proper metabolism and the break-down of the macronutrients we consume - protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

The major thing to consider when looking at your current nutrition is that first, you are obtaining enough protein. This is vital to promoting the maintenance of lean muscle tissue. Once you have that need met, then you also want to be sure you are taking in enough essential fatty acids. These are going to offer a whole host of benefits, one primary one being that it helps against the development of insulin resistance.

Once both of those requirements are filled, then evaluate your overall calorie intake. If you hope to maximize energy levels, you'll have to be sure you are consuming enough total calories overall, regardless of where they come from. Low calorie diets are not going to offer you optimal health, nor are they going to supply you with all the vitamins you need.

Finally, take a good look at how much simple sugar you are consuming. This is a major contributor to feelings of fatigue that are experienced by many because it provides you with a quick burst of energy followed by a large crash. This is definitely not going to be ideal for anyone, so be sure you try and limit sugar as much as possible.

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