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Since the turn of the century, Kitesurfing has rapidly grown in popularity as a recreational sport. It is estimated that before 2000 there were less than a thousand kite surfers worldwide, but in the past five years that number has grown to way over 100,000.

Kitesurfing is a sport that goes by various names, including kiteboarding, and in some European countries, flysurfing. Using a large, powerful kite for propulsion, and standing or sitting on a surfboard, Kitesurfing allows you to reach high speeds and perform a variety of stunts.

Although there are forms of the sport performed on land, the most common involves a surfboard and water - this means that the number one fitness consideration is the ability to swim.

Although a PFD should be a regular piece of your equipment, being a good swimmer will make the sport safer and easier. If swimming is difficult, it will fatigue you and reduce your ability to actually control the kite and the board.

As with any sport, technique is the number one determinant of performance, but the role of fitness should not be underestimated. Fitness allows you to execute your skills effectively even during longer sessions on the board.

Strength training would be most helpful, focusing on both upper and lower body, but with particular emphasis on the core. A strong core will enable you to simultaneously control the kite and board, essential for performing the sport well.

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