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If you fancy going snorkelling next time you are on holiday, it would be wise to do a little conditioning work before you go.

Obviously, the key component to snorkelling is swimming. That's great, because swimming is widely recognised as one of the most complete forms of exercise, involving just about every major muscle in the body.

For snorkelling, the main need would be endurance. Quite simply, if you can swim for a long period of time without getting fatigued, you will enjoy yourself more.

Improving your cardio endurance through swimming is easy. If you are just starting out, the goal is to swim as many laps as possible - this may mean taking regular breaks, but gradually you will be able to build up to a point where you can swim non-stop for say twenty minutes.

To improve beyond that will require adding some variety to your workouts, though drills and intervals. If you are unsure about these, there are plenty of sites online that offer swimming workouts, or else you can talk to a coach.

Following a regular program will not only get you ready for your next holiday, but improve your overall conditioning - who could argue with that?

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