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Scuba diving information

Popular worldwide, scuba diving is a sport that many people enjoy intermittently - on holidays for example.

As with other holiday sports - skiing for example - that can therefore mean that when people go scuba diving they are not in shape for the sport. Improving your fitness before going scuba diving will allow you to enjoy yourself, and be safer, when you do actually enter the water.

Swimming is the best way to prepare, but to get real benefits from your time in the pool you need to look at what you actually do when you're in the pool.

A quick glance at your local swimming pool will reveal the problem with many swim workouts - people swim up and down at a gentle pace, with no variety to what they do.

While getting in the water, swimming a set number of laps at a steady pace, and getting back out will provide a level of basic aerobic (cardio) conditioning, it will be strictly limited.

There are two problems with these types of workouts:

  • It's possible to swim at a very low heart rate, so the actual cardiovascular benefit may be minimal
  • People often fail to lose weight with these types of workouts
The solution is simple however - when you go swimming, add some variety to your workouts. Mix in some drills to improve technique, and intervals of different lengths to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and you'll be maximising your time in the water.

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