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Swimming training exercise

A fantastic, low impact exercise, swimming is incredibly effective at developing muscle tone, burning calories and developing all round cardio-vascular fitness. There are many types of swimming training which range from simple keep fit swimming to competitive racing, with races arranged by distance and by the type of swimming.

The easiest stroke to master is probably the breaststroke followed by the front crawl, back crawl and finally the athletic butterfly stoke. All of these strokes can be learned and practiced, and as with all things in life, can be improved upon. The aim is to maximise efficiency each time you take a stroke so you glide further in the water. Learning to improve your technique will make a tremendous difference to your abilities in the water and today there are many coaches who can analyse your style and give pointers on how to improve your efficiency.

A lot of athletes use water-based exercise for training purposes as water provides a unique all-over resistance aerobic training. This sport is also ideal for people who have been injured, as the body is of similar density to water, which means the limbs can be exercised without having to bear the weight of the body.

As well as a means of exercise, learning to swim is an important life skill that could make all the difference between life and death. Learning to swim is a fun, healthy activity and one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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