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Decathlon fitness training

A decathlon involves 10 events over track and field. Events are usually held over two days and the winner has the prestigious title of being the "best athlete in the world." The decathlon is designed to test an individual's speed, strength, skill, endurance and personality, and the winner is chosen on the combined performance of the entire event.

The first day of the decathlon is designed to test speed, power and jumping ability. The second day is designed to test endurance and technique.

Day one:
Long jump
Shot put
High jump

Day two:
110m hurdles
Discus throw
Pole jump

The winner does not need to win any particular event but needs to demonstrate all round ability to the judges. Naturally, athletes will have sports that they major in so it's important that they make up the points in their weaker events. Because they have to do well in four running and six field events, they have no chance to perfect any one skill and instead concentrate on an all round performance.

Unusually, athletes who enter the competition compete against themselves rather than each other, aspiring to increase their skill, stamina and strength levels. The scoring system is arbitrary with each event scored differently, so depending on what scoring system is employed an athlete can do better or worse. Famously, Dailey Thompson lost out in the 1984 Olympics by one point until they revised the scoring system where he became the highest scoring athlete of all time.

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