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Muscle training exercises

If you are interested in improving your body composition, muscle training should be a core part of your fitness plan.

Getting on a good muscle training plan will help to build lean mass tissue, which will then help to reshape your body. The biggest problem with those who go into the gym and solely do cardiovascular work is that while they may lose weight, they are likely losing a combination of lean tissue and fat and will end up looking exactly as they do now - just slightly smaller. Muscle training however, will add curves where you want them while making the other areas of your body leaner, thus resulting in a much better appearance.

Not only that but weight lifting will also help to ward off injuries as you will be stronger to go about your every day life as well as participate in any other physical activities you do.

When putting together your training routine, you'll likely want to be doing it somewhere between three and four days per week, depending on the bodypart split you wish to use. A full body workout or an upper/lower body workout performed twice per week (so a total of four days) is likely the best option.

Be sure to include at least one exercise for each major body part as a component of your plan. Focusing on compound lifts, those that use more than one part at a time, is the best way to really make a difference in your appearance. This would include lifts such as chest press, squats, deadlifts and bent over rows. These are critical exercises for anyone who is looking to transform their body through weight lifting.

Also be sure to allow for enough rest time between sessions as well because if you are not fully recovered from your previous lifting session, you will only further break down the fibre tissues and rather than growing back stronger, you're likely to become weaker.

So if you are looking for the fastest way to getting fit and developing a fantastic body, give weight lifting a try.

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