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Exercises that can be performed using dumbbells

Whether you are creating a home workout or are trying to get away from weight machines, exercises with dumbbells will likely be the main choice of movements you will include in your workout plan.

There are a large variety of exercises with dumbbells that will help to not only strengthen your body but also to help with balancing abilities. Since you are not sitting in a weight bench, you will be forced to work a great deal harder as a means of keeping yourself centred while lifting the weight in the manner called for.

The main exercises with dumbbells that you can perform include:

  • chest press
  • chest fly
  • incline chest press
  • incline chest fly
  • decline chest press
  • decline chest fly
  • shoulder press
  • lateral raise
  • frontal raise
  • reverse fly
  • bent over row
  • bicep curl
  • hammer curl
  • incline curl
  • tricep kickback
  • overhead extension
  • pull-overs
  • lunges
  • squats (placing the weight on the shoulders)
  • deadlifts
  • one-legged squats
  • calf raises
  • decline sit-ups
  • back extension
So as you can see, there is a large list to choose from when creating your workout. One thing you will need to be particularly mindful of when performing your workout is that you maintain contracted abdominals the entire time. Since you will not have a bench or weight machine to help ensure you stay in proper form, you will need to use your core strength to do this for you.

It will help to watch yourself perform the movement in front of a mirror since then you will be able to see when you do start getting out of correct form. As soon as you find yourself doing so, stop immediately and either rest and try again or get help from a trainer who can show you how to do the movement properly.

Regardless of your level of conditioning however, you can be sure that performing any of these as part of your workout will help to get your body into better shape and improve your strength levels.

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