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A game between two or four players, tennis is played on an indoor or outdoor court. The courts can be made of clay, or some kind of hard court material such as asphalt or concrete, but tennis is most famous for being played on grass, such as the Wimbledon event every year in London.

A tennis match consists of a number of games that are scored in a manner particular to the game. Zero is referred to as "love", the first point is "fifteen", the second point is "thirty" and the third point is "forty". If the players are equal at "forty" then "deuce" is declared and players play for the "advantage". If the opponent catches up then it goes back to "deuce", but if the player with the "advantage" wins, then he or she has won the game. The contest is won when a player has won a specified number of games that are commonly arranged over several sets.

The racquet used in this game is a stringed racquet, which if used correctly, can propel the ball at speeds of up to or even over 100mph in the case of the very best players. There are eight shots which players have to learn in order to become competent at the game: the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead smash, drop shot and the lob. Frequently, coaches are employed to help players develop or work on their shots and consequently improve their overall game.

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