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A racquet sport, racquetball is played in both indoor and outdoor courts with a hollow rubber ball. It was invented by Joe Sobek, who adapted the rules from the games of squash and handball in order to create a fast moving ball sport that was easy to learn. Racquetball is nearly always played with two players although it is possible to play with four (doubles).

Unlike squash, the walls, floor and ceiling are legal playing surfaces in a racquetball game. The aim is to hit the front wall so the ball bounces back into the room. Players lose a rally if they miss the front wall or if they let the ball bounce more than once before they hit it. The game is fast and requires high levels of fitness to play well.

Generally speaking, there are two styles of playing: defensively and offensively. Defensive shots are frequently off the ceiling and then the front wall causing the opponent to shoot deep into court to keep the ball in play. Offensive shots are fast and low onto the front wall causing the ball to bounce twice before the opponent can return it, and thereby losing a point.

The equipment needed is the same for any racquet sport. In this case the racquet is 22 inches long, the ball 2.25 inches wide. Frequently special goggles are worn because of the high speed of the ball as it bounces around the court.

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