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Competitions in the shot put have been held at the Summer Olympic games since they began, and the event originates from the Highland games, when Scottish competitors threw a heavy rounded cube made of stone or metal from behind a line.

In the modern shot put event there are two putting styles: the glide and the spin. Most top male athletes in the event use the spin, but the glide is popular with amateur athletes and women, as it is a more consistent technique.

One of the key training elements for any throwing event is explosive power. Many athletes are extremely strong but may lack the explosive power they need to apply that strength rapidly. Before embarking on power training, however, it's important that the athlete has already developed a solid base of functional strength, and completed a phase of anatomical adaptation.

Heavy strength training
Because this event, like many athletic events, involves a standing start, a great deal of strength is required to overcome initial inertia, so working with weights can help develop this strength.

Explosive strength training
A variation of traditional resistance training, developing explosive strength involves lifting relatively light loads as fast as possible.

Ballistics and Plyometrics
Ballistic training includes throwing a medicine ball or a jump squat. Plyometric drills involve quick, powerful movement, such as jump training or upper body work with medicine balls. Both are effective methods for increasing power.

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