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Javelin training advice

Like other throwing events, the javelin requires strength, explosive power and co-ordination. The rules of the javelin event are similar to other throwing events, but unlike the shot put or discus, competitors have a run-up area, with the same type of surface as a running track. This means that running is also an important element of event training. The javelin requires a similar level of athleticism to running and jumping events, as well as upper body strength for the throw itself. Throwers' physiques have more in common with the lean frames of sprinters rather than the more bulky frames of other throwing athletes. The javelin itself can reach speeds up to 70 mph upon release.

Free weight training is popular with throwers, as exercises with metal rods and resistance bands can be used to duplicate the throwing motion required for the event. This helps increase the power and intensity of the athlete's throw. Core stability is also important for this event, as it helps transfer physical power and force from the ground through the body to the spear. Sprint training and flexibility exercises help the athlete enhance their speed at the point of release, sending the missile through the air at higher speeds.

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