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Pilates workout for fitness

As a way to lengthen muscle tissue as well as improve flexibility, pilates has got everything you want in a workout.

Pilates is a relatively new exercise to hit the mainstream fitness market and more and more people are currently getting involved in it. It was previously used very often as part of a dancers training program as it encourages the building of muscular strength without the addition of a lot of bulk. Furthermore, it helps to improve strength over a range of motion so for those who participate in sports that require a lot of variation in movements to be performed, pilates proves to be particularly beneficial.

The main focuses that take place during an exercise session will be relaxation, concentration, coordination, centring of the mind and body, alignment so you are in proper posture, the use of correct breathing techniques and the encouragement of the use of flowing movements.

As you can see, with all of these factors integrated together, this type of workout is a great way to obtain better fitness on a variety of levels.

Possibly one of the nicest things about this type of workout is that it takes the relaxation you get from yoga, one step further. While with yoga, generally the core focus is on the mind; here the body is going to play a more predominant role.

That makes this great for those who are looking for a more intensive workout, but one that will also really focus in and give them the mental benefits they love to get from yoga.

It is very important that before you participating in a class, you perform a thorough warm-up however, because since you will be moving the body parts through a large range of motion, you will want to ensure that no ligaments or muscles are at risk for being torn. A cold muscle being stretched is a surefire way to encourage this so it must be avoided at all costs.

So if you are looking for a change from yoga but don't want to go for a job or hit the weight room, sign up for one of these classes to test your body physically while also helping to improve your mind-body connection.

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