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Arm plyometric exercise

To help build explosive upper body strength, performing arm plyometric exercises on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do. It is very important to remember to always use proper form when doing your arm plyometric exercises as these will place a good amount of force on the body joints and ligaments so you want to be sure to avoid injury.

The following a list of arm plyometric exercises that you can try adding to your program.

Chest Pass

To perform this movement you will stand about four or five feet away from a partner, holding a medicine ball weighing between five and eight pounds. Bending slightly at the knee to help maintain balance, pass the ball by pushing forwards with arms right at chest level. Your partner catches the ball and then throws it back to you. Try and complete this movement in as little time as possible.

Power Drop

The next drill to do involves one partner standing on top of a bench while the other one lies flat on the floor, legs stretched out beneath them and arms straight up in the air above the shoulders. The partner on the bench will drop the ball down to the person lying on the floor (with arms outstretched) who will then catch it with their elbows bent, allowing the ball to come towards the chest. They are then to propel the ball back in the upward direction so the person on the bench can receive it to and then complete the series again for another rep. Aim to do this ten to twenty times in a row.

Jump Push Up

To do this movement you will place your hands atop two mats that are three or four inches high. Your legs should be straight behind you so you are in a normal push-up position with the feet elevated on a box that is higher than shoulder level when in the push-up position.

Once you have found your balance, you are to press up off the floor so you propel your body upwards and hands should come right off the ground. Note that your feet will stay firmly stationed on the box at all times.

As your body comes back down, catch yourself and absorb the impact by bending at the elbows and moving into the push-up position once again. Work towards completing at total of ten of these movements.

So next time you are looking for some new drills for your upper body workout, give one or two of these a try.

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