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Core stability exercise

Dedicating part of your workout to core stability is always going to be a good move. One of the biggest reasons why core stability is so important in any program is because it will help to make any other movements you do that much better.

For every movement you make while standing and in most lying movements as well, you will call into play these muscles. The better able they are to support your body and help you maintain control, the more effort you will then be able to put towards improving on whatever it is you are doing at the time.

Core stability can be improved on in a number of ways. One great option is using an exercise ball and performing both abdominal crunches and some of the weight lifting exercises you do on it. Because it is an unstable surface, these muscles will be forced to work to maintain control of balance.

Another way to work on this factor of your fitness is to do some work on wobble boards or balance beams. You can perform squats, one legged stands and side bends on either of these.

Just keep in mind that you will want to do more than just basic crunches however. While crunches will definitely work the abdominal muscle group, they won't help you develop the ability to control body parts, particularly those that are moving. Instead you will want to incorporate more exercises that either reduce your base of support or have you working the abdominals while other body parts are moving at the same time. This is a much better approach to ensure that you are maximizing the results you receive.

As part of your program, also perform a few stretches to increase the range of motion in this area of the body. Of particular interest should be gentle back twists as this will help prevent injuries that could occur when you find yourself in a contorted position that many sports activities demand (such as twisting at the side to catch a football for example).

By including such movements in your workout plan three times a week, you should begin to notice considerable difference within a month or two.

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