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Basketball training advice

If you've ever played basketball you'll know that it is a sport that places a wide range of physical demands on its participants.

Basketball is fast, has few breaks, and requires almost constant movement. When you throw in the jumping, blocking, and the need for accuracy when shooting, you begin to see just how demanding it is.

To play basketball, you need:

  • Cardio fitness: This is a non-stop back and forth game requiring a high level of aerobic fitness
  • Speed: Whether leading a fast break or getting back to defend, you need to be able to cover the ground quickly
  • Jumping: Jumping for rebounds, blocking shots, or getting height on your jump shot all require a good vertical leap
  • Strength: Wrestling for rebounds in the paint means upper body strength is a must
  • Agility: Moving among a crowd of players, jumping, blocking - agility is crucial
Of course, you might think that the key element in the game is the ability to put the ball through the hoop, and that's true - thus the point of a fitness program should be to allow you to perform the essential skills (shooting, blocking, rebounding) without being restricted by your lack of conditioning.

The sheer range of physical modes that you have to develop means that you should find a good coach to work with who can help you develop the right fitness components - get it right and it will free you up to play the game to the best of your abilities.

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