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Boxing fitness training advice

Traditional boxing training is one of the most Spartan forms of sports training. For a beginner, boxing training will involve a minimal training routine, consisting of learning to hit the heavy bag, the speed bag and the double end bag. There will also be some shadowboxing in front of a mirror, as well as skipping, sit ups, crunches, push ups and jogging every day. Beginners' boxing training will also include an occasional practice bout of sparring inside the ring.

Boxing training for the amateur or professional boxer preparing for a match will be much more intensive. Training can include getting up at 5am for a daily early morning job, isolation for two or more months before a fight, dieting, and performing a gym routine twice a day every day. Preparing for a match is rigorous because boxing is one of the most physically punishing sports in the world.

Some boxers endeavour to bring their weight down before a pre-match weigh-in so that they can fight in a lower weight class. Sometimes this involves foregoing solid food up to three days before a match, going to a sauna, or jogging wearing a heavy jacket, in order to sweat out additional pounds. In between the weigh in and the fight boxers will eat heavily to bring their weight back up, in an attempt to give them the weight advantage over their opponent.

Sparring, or practice-fighting is the best method for a boxer to train, as it develops technique and skills as well as fitness.

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