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Pregnancy care & exercise

Taking measures with pregnancy care and exercise is essential to help protect your developing baby. Pregnancy care and exercise is a topic that you should discuss thoroughly with your doctor before getting involved in too many activities. This will help to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what you can and cannot do.

One thing you want to do with in regards to pregnancy care and exercise is be sure to avoid any movements that have you lying on your stomach. This places too much pressure on the developing baby and could cause a great number of problems. Try and stay in the upright position as much as possible, or else lie on your back.

Also, be sure that you are eating a diet that is adequate in calories. Since you are expecting, you should be adding about 300 calories to your normal daily diet, plus if you are doing physical activity, you will need more. This is critical in order to promote a healthy development of the baby. Pay particular attention to your folate, iron, and calcium needs, as these are essential nutrients for an expecting mother.

Finally, try and avoiding performing any movements that have you bouncing or jerking around quite a bit. Examples of this would be running and jogging, jumping rope, performing any fast paced step aerobics classes, or any other activities that are very dynamic in nature.

As long as you do take the time to ensure you are doing safe physical activity, you should be able to remain active until very close to when you actually give birth.

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