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Post Natal Exercise

After you've had a baby, post natal exercise will play an important role in getting your body back in shape. Post natal exercise is about more than recovering your figure; it's also about helping your body to adjust to the changes that have happened to it during pregnancy and childbirth, and recovering your strength and fitness.

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Specialist post natal exercise focuses on toning up the stretched muscles, improving your posture, and stimulating your circulation. It's important not to overstretch yourself after childbirth - exercises you found easy before pregnancy could be not only much more difficult after childbirth, but actually potentially harmful to your joints and ligaments.

It's better to get back into exercising gradually, to give your body time to adjust to the changes that have happened to it. You should avoid high intensity workouts - no matter how impatient you are to return to your previous level of fitness, and physique. Focus instead on the parts of your body that need special attention after the demands made on them by childbirth.

Exercise classes specifically geared towards new mothers will not only make sure you exercise safely, but also give you the chance to meet other new mothers - and many classes also have a cr?che, to make exercising easier for you to fit into your new lifestyle.

It's very common to experience weakening of the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth - and as these are the muscles that support your bladder and bowel you might find yourself suffering from incontinence, especially when you cough, sneeze or jump. But regular pelvic floor exercises, starting as soon as possible after childbirth, can cure the problem, and also prevent prolapse of the uterus.

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