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Cardiac Fitness

What the hell is cardiac fitness? Well, when was the last time you actually had your heart tested or gave yourself a proper fitness screening? Generally, most people don't even consider doing so until something goes wrong! Most people tend to focus on the negative by saying "I know I'm unfit" or "why would I want to know if I'm dying?" whereas we believe people should be asking themselves "what can I do in order to live my life to its maximum potential?"

Cardiac Fitness intends to raise awareness by early detection of heart disease through Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX). In addition many consultants provide a comprehensive Cardiovascular fitness assessment (maxVO2), enabling them to identify your personalised exercise requirements to best suit your goals. The comibination of the two, ensures it is possible to take further steps to increase your quality of life.

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So what are the facts about heart disease?

  • Heart and circulatory disease is the no.1 killer in the UK and no.1 cause of premature death.?
  • More than 1 in 3 people will die from heart disease (39%)
  • Heart disease kills twice as many women as cancer ?
  • Incidence of Heart Disease is significantly increased among people who: smoke, are in stressful employment, have a family history, have a poor diet or are diabetic
  • Coronary Heart Disease is estimated to cost the UK economy a total of £10 billion per year ?

There are a number of common misconceptions about heart disease, most of which are completely unfounded :

  • If you exercise you are not at risk
  • If you are young, you are not at risk
  • Unless you're a smoker, you are not at risk
  • Unless you've a family history, you're not at risk
  • If you have a healthy diet, you're not at risk

So heart disease can be a killer but is also able to strike at any time. As the statistics show, any one of us could suffer at any time so your health should be "second to none" when it comes to life's priorities. Unfortunately, all too often it is taken for granted.

? British Heart Foundation & Health Economics Research Centre, 2001

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