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Vitamin K

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Vitamin K
Important for : Production of prothrombin, for blood clotting; bone formation and repair; conversion of glucose into glycogen for storage; reducing fatigue; increasing resistance to infection;
Sources : The majority of vitamin K is synthesized by bacteria normally present in the intestines.

Found in; asparagus; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; cabbage; cauliflower; dark green leafy vegetables; egg yolks; liver; oatmeal; oats; rye; soybeans; and wheat.

Herbs; including alfalfa; green tea; kelp; nettle; oat straw
Possible deficiency symptoms : Internal bleeding and non-clotting of blood; fatigue; poor healing of wounds.
Hinders maximum absorption : Antibiotics interfere with the body's absorption of vitamin K. This is because they kill the bacteria in the intestines that synthesise the vitamin.
Additional Information : Not necessary to take as supplements in most cases.

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