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Vitamin B1

Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, is important for nervous system function, musculature and cardiovascular health, as well as for normal growth and development. The essential co-enzyme also aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, and it helps to regulate the appetite. Can be lost in cooking and food preparation so supplements are advised :

Vitamin B1 ( Thiamin )
Important for : Enhancing the body's ability to generate energy through the metabolic cycle; digestion of carbohydrates due to increased production of hydrochloric acid; muscle tone in the intestines, heart and lungs; optimising brain functions; growth.
Sources : The richest sources are; brown rice; chicken; egg yolks; fish; liver; peanuts; pork; wheat germ; and whole grains.

Additional sources include; asparagus; broccoli; Brussels sprouts; kelp; nuts; oatmeal; plums; prunes; raisins; and watercress.

Herbs (e.g. alfalfa; bladder-wrack; burdock root; cayenne; chamomile; fennel; fenugreek; hops; nettles; parsley; peppermint; raspberry leaf; rosehips; and sage).
Possible deficiency symptoms : Loss of appetite; constipation; fatigue; irritability; insomnia; forgetfulness; difficulty breathing; heart and gastrointestinal problems; poor co-ordination and concentration; weight loss.
Hinders maximum absorption : Antibiotics, oral contraceptives and diuretics, such as tea and coffee, may decrease the level of thiamine in the body.
Additional Information : High carbohydrate diets need increased amount of thiamine.

Thiamine acts as an antioxidant, protecting against aging, alcohol and smoking.

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