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Vitamin E

Check out our simple guide to Vitamin E and see the featured suppliers at the foot of the page. Whether it's in a cream form or as tablets, Vitamin E is important for a number of reasons :

Vitamin E
Important for : Slowing cellular aging and damage from oxidation; preventing red blood cell damage and nerve destruction; improving circulation; blood clotting; maintaining healthy muscles and nerves; strengthening capillary walls; healthy skin; preventing anaemia;
Sources : Found in; dark green leafy vegetables; greens; nuts; seeds; and whole grains.

Additional sources include; brown rice; cornmeal; eggs; kelp; dessicated liver; milk; oatmeal; soybeans; sweet potatoes; watercress; wheat; and wheat germ.

Herbs; (e.g. alfalfa; bladder wrack; dandelion; nettle; oat straw; raspberry leaf; rosehips)
Possible deficiency symptoms : Skin disorders; reduced sexual libido; loss of reproductive drive.
Hinders maximum absorption : Air pollution, contraceptive pills and excessive processed fats and oils can all hinder absorption of vitamin E by the body.
Additional Information : A major antioxidant.

The body requires zinc to maintain a proper level of vitamin E in the bloodstream.

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