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Personal training coaching

GetFit Coaching is a break-through in personal fitness, helping you get in shape and stay fit quickly and affordably - online.

GetFit Coaching comprises:

Leading online fitness management service, GetFit Fitness System

Your own qualified personal trainer who will work with you to create fitness programmes that meet your specific goals and constraints as well as manage your progress

A new online coaching area from which you and your coach can interact using email or chat and access important fitness resources

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What do I get?

As a GetFit Coaching member, your coach will work with you to analyse your personal fitness needs and create an optimal fitness programme just for you.

If you've never exercised before then don't worry; your coach will start you off slowly. Any exercise is better than none at all!

If you are a couch potato, a competitive athlete or anyone in between GetFit Coaching gives you the structure, tools, expertise and motivation to get fitter and feel better.

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I don't have any equipment or gym membership.

If you don't have any equipment or access to a gym then don't worry your coach will create your fitness regime from non-equipment based exercises you can do from your living room!

Your coach is there for you every step of the way to better fitness offering advice, education, motivation and support as and when you need it to ensure you succeed and get those results!

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How do I contact my coach? :

Interact with your coach at any time via email or set-up a chat session to get acquainted or to review progress periodically.

GetFit Coaching includes full access to GetFit Fitness System that you and your coach can use to create and monitor your fitness programmes. Use GFS to view lessons on each exercise or workout, view your programme set by your coach and run charts or reports on your achievements. Your Coach will be following your progress so make sure you log your results in GFS after each session!

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Sign Up

GetFit Coaching offers unlimited online access to your PT for an extremely affordable £29.99 inc. VAT per month. After all, money spent on your fitness is money well spent!

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