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Fitness calculators

Work it all out yourself. Our fitness calculators are here to help you find out more about yourself with the BMI or Body Mass Index, what activities seem to work off those calories and your Heart Rate optimum.

GymUser.co.uk sees fitness calculators as an easy way for you to find out more about key aspects of your health and fitness. However, please do not take any of the information in a medical sense. Always check with your doctor prior to undertaking any physical activity.

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Body Mass Index (BMI)

A quick and simple way to estimate if you are overweight. Calculates your weight in proportion to your height (so inaccurate for bodybuilders or pregnant women)

MORE INFO : Calculator

Target Heart Rate

Make sure you are working out effectively for your desired reasons. So whether you want weight loss or increased fitness, check how hard you should be training.

MORE INFO : Calculator

Calorie counting

Work out how many calories you're burning based on a number of daily activities and sports. Quick and simple to use.

MORE INFO : Calculator

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If at any time you feel ill you should consult your doctor or GP. Likewise we recomend that before you undertake any form of fitness, exercise or even weight loss programs.