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Health Insurance

Providing information about health insurance cover is relatively simple. Most people use this term when they are in fact referring to PMI or Private medical insurance. Explained below, this ensures you have no worries if you need to go in to hospital for any reason.

We have also chosen to include other information that typically people are looking for alongside their health insurance plans. Critical illness, term assurance and income protection are all very beneficial and will provide piece of mind. Make sure you compare quotes and providers as the rates will vary quite considerably.

Private medical insurance

For individuals and Families. Depending on the level of cover you want, PMI can covers you for in-patient treatment through to unlimited outpatient cover, MRI, and CT scans and other benefits such as psychiatric cover, travel cover, dental cover, home nursing costs, chiropody, recuperative care and incidental hospital expenses (telephone calls, newspapers etc). For complete peace of mind always choose the most comprehensive cover and get a range of quotes.

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Critical Illness

Cover provides a lump sum on diagnosis of a specified critical illness. Here you also have the opportunity to make sure you are not paying too much for any existing life insurance or critical illness plans.

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Term Assurance

A Term Assurance Plan provides a guaranteed lump sum should you die during the period of the cover - joint cover is also normally available. All lump sums are free of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax under current tax rules and the money can be used to pay off a mortgage or loan, or to provide financial support for your family.

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Income Protection

Guarantees you an income if you can't work because of illness or injury. Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) is designed to provide a replacement tax free income if the unexpected happens and you succumb to long-term sickness or disability caused by illness or accident. The amount of benefit you can be covered for by an income protection plan is normally determined by your salary. Normally up to 65% of your current earnings.

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