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Rowing machines

We feature rowing machines due to their unwavering popularity. The action uses all the major muscle groups and is therefore excellent for all round fitness and toning. They also improve strength, stability and balance, but to get the best results from rowing machines and to avoid undue stress and injury, it is important to develop the correct technique. Warming-up carefully before using rowing machines is essential, and remember that training 'little and often' will usually deliver the best results.

Most rowing machines brands use either air or magnetic resistance and both systems are smooth and easy to use. Air models are designed to replicate the action and feel of water, delivering resistance in direct proportion to your effort so the harder you pull, the greater the resistance. Look for a comfortable seat, padded handlebars and as sturdy a machine as possible. Although very long and narrow, rowing machines often fold or can be stored in an upright position, and as always select a model which will give you the kind of feedback you'll find useful to monitor and motivate your training.

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