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Resistance training exercises

Potentially the most beneficial type of workout for anyone to perform is resistance training.

Resistance training can be done by an individual at any fitness level, age or skill level. There are basic forms of exercises as well as more complex variations so you can be sure that whatever your needs, they will be met.

Furthermore, you can perform a resistance training workout using many different types of equipment. The most obvious is going to be using weights or weight machines because this is what's most commonly seen in the gyms.

Remember though that you can use anything that applies a stress that the body must work against however. This could be as simple as using your own body weight. A great number of exercises do just that and can provide a good well-rounded workout for those who do not have access to any equipment. Rubber tubing also works very well as the end can be tired around any stable object and then the exercises performed.

The most important factors to remember when starting to do this type of workout is that in order to see results, you must push yourself. Far too many people, particularly women, shy away from working as hard as they really could. You would be surprised at just how strong you are if you really push yourself. It is this overloading stimulus - that hard push, that will get you seeing the improvements you want.

After you've sufficiently done this, then the next important thing to remember is to allow the body time to rest and heal. Both of these go hand in hand together because without one, the other will not be effective.

It pays to take some time to put together a proper routine so if you are just learning the concepts of this type of workout, it might be wise to book a session with a trainer. They will help to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly (which is extremely important to prevent injuries) and to make sure that your whole program, including any other activities you participate in, fit together nicely.

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