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If you are looking to really improve your fitness levels, a personal trainer can be of great use. There are a variety of aspects of fitness, including cardio training, strengthening exercise, relaxation movements, and stretching. If you are not familiar with any of these than a trainer will prove to be useful to show you how to go about performing them correctly. By making sure to include these aspects of fitness, you can get the best well-rounded program.

Without the principle of adaptation, no improvements would ever occur - adaptation means that the body will react to increased training loads by increasing its ability to cope with those loads.
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Flexibility & kids
While children need flexibility to compete in sports, some people have questioned if we are hurting kids with flexibility routines.
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The principle of overload states that in order for a muscle to grow, it must be forced to operate beyond its normal intensity - by lifting more weight, resting less, doing more reps, and so on.
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Range of motion
A new system designed to increase range of motion, The Bodywall stretching system involves wearing gloves and slip-on Velcro shoes to attach to a special wall and floor.
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In the struggle to progress, people often forget one of the key principles of training - recovery. In order for muscles to grow, it is essential that you allow sufficient time to recover between workouts.
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The principle of reversibility (or detraining) states that if you stop training, gains in strength and conditioning will quickly be reversed.
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Simple ways to train
Workouts don't have to be complicated - simple ways to workout like walking or swimming can get you in shape just as well as the most complex programs, and are often more fun.
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Skill development
For athletes and sports people, skill development must go hand in hand with increases in conditioning in order for real progress to be made.
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If you follow the basic principles of training - overload, recovery, adaptation and reversibility specificity - you'll ensure that your workout time always helps you progress towards your goals.
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