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Advanced workout exercises

A personal trainer can help you come up with advanced workouts that will take your fitness to the next level. Advanced workouts will include a variety of different strength training techniques to push your muscles harder to encourage new muscle mass tissue. Additionally, some advanced workouts will begin to incorporate in sprinting cardio sessions because these are often more effective in the reduction of body fat and improving cardiovascular conditioning.

Agility & balance
Balance training is used by many sportsmen to increase their agility, and help them to prepare for the types of movements they will face in competition.
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Complex training
A combination of traditional strength with power and plyometric exercises, complex training has been shown to produce significant improvements in power and rate of force for athletes.
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Half hour workout programme
What can you achieve in a half hour workout? Quite a lot, from cardio to resistance work to intervals, it's long enough to do a significant workout.
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Plyometrics is a form of training used extensively by pro athletes to increase their elastic strength, and better prepare them for the situations they will face in competition.
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