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Endurance training advice

When preparing for any distance related event, it's important to get on an endurance training program. Endurance training programs can vary considerably depending on the type of event that you are looking to complete.

There are a vast number of online programs out there for those who are entering running races of various distances - from 5kms all the way to the 'king' of distance events, the marathon.

When putting together your endurance training program there are a few things you need to consider. First is the long session. This will be of utmost importance and is the 'core' of your plan. It should be performed once per week and the distance is slowly increased as you progress along and then tapering off slightly as the event draws near.

Next up in importance value is that of rest. The two key components that are central to any program are the long session just discussed and then ensuring you are giving your body enough time to recuperate between sessions. Ideally you will want to have one full day of rest per week and then at least one or two days of much lower intensity.

Then, you'll also want to have some tempo sessions in the plan where you will be working at a fairly good intensity for a moderate period of time. An example of such would be working just below your lactate threshold for thirty minutes.

Finally, if you still have room in the plan then you should complete one day of interval sprints. This will help to boost up your VO2 max so that when you are doing your longer session, it feels much easier.

If you can balance out your cardio work with two or three full body strength sessions in the weight room that will really be ideal. Far too many individuals when putting themselves on a plan for cardio forget to include some strength work. This will still be important however for retaining lean muscle mass as well as preventing injuries from occurring.

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