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Sports drink nutrition advice

If you are an athlete who performs intense exercise, consuming sports drinks around your training is likely a good idea.

Not only are sports drinks going to help replace some of the calories that are burned off while you are doing the exercise, they will help to replace the sodium and potassium levels in the blood. When you sweat heavily, you can disrupt the natural ratio of these two essential electrolytes in the body, causing muscular weakness, fatigue, and dizziness.

You should watch, however, that the particular sports drinks you choose to use are not overly high in sugar if you are trying to watch your weight. While you are definitely burning a great deal of calories while exercising, at times, if there is too much added sugar, the calories in the beverage will be more than what your burning off. When this occurs, you will actually see a weight gain.

Generally, you should not need to use a beverage such as this in any sessions that are under an hour long. When you start going over an hour, such as endurance runners often do, then you may want to look into potentially adding this sports supplement to your diet.

When you do, watch also that you don't drink it overly quickly because that could lead to you experiencing cramps and affecting your ability to continue exercising.

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