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Creatine supplements for health

One relatively popular supplement out there for active individuals is creatine. Creatine is a substance that the body does get naturally from meat that helps convert the carbohydrates we eat through the diet into a readily available source of energy - ATP. When your stores of this run low, fatigue will set in if you try and perform high intensity type of workouts.

When you choose to go on a creatine supplement, you will begin by using it in a loading phase type of protocol, taking in 20 grams initially for the first five to seven days. After that is up, then you move on to the maintenance phase, where you will consume 5 grams per day, for however long you wish to use it. Some people like to cycle creatine when they take it while others don't. The choice is up to you and will be determined by your individual goals and what your diet is like (those who get more in their diets may not need quite as much).

Do keep in mind, however, when you start on this supplement you will see a decent amount of water weight gain initially. This could lead to feelings of bloating so just be prepared to deal with this.

If you use the supplement correctly, you should find that you are not fatiguing as quickly during your workouts and that you are able to recover at a much faster rate.

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