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Toning up is often a slow and difficult process to maintain - especially as requires exercise & food in tandem. It's a medical fact and a sad reality of life that everyone tends to gain weight as they get older. If you are successful in the fight to keep the weight off (as a consequence of a healthy diet and regular physical exercise) and in toning up then this is a genuine accomplishment in weight control! It's no joke that keeping control of your weight is a significant factor in the fight to remain healthy. By toning up, you can reduce your risk of developing certain conditions too!

This has a particular resonance if you are in a high risk group due to other external, peripheral factors such as being a diabetes sufferer, having a heart condition, a genetic disposition to obesity, hypertension (and high blood pressure) or if you have high cholesterol levels. Don't think, however, that just because you have recently lost all the weight that you needed to or that you have always been slim until now, that you are safe. Weight management is something we all need to do properly, or risk the consequences.

Keeping trim will keep your energy levels up and help you stay active so that you will find it easier to do the exercise in the first place that is going to help you lose more weight - it's a circle of health! The fat that sits on or around one's waistline is of particular danger as it is known as intra abdominal fat. This is the fat that gets most quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and is the fat that blocks the arteries leading to the heart. This demonstrates the importance of keeping that stomach in shape. A few extra pounds over Christmas is fine but remember to lose them again afterwards, and to keep them off.

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