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Antioxidants - Selenium

A very powerful antioxidant, Selenium, is a trace mineral that is only required in small amounts by the body. Do not mistake this for meaning it is not all that important however, because it offers a variety of health benefits.

The biggest benefit that you'll see when you include Selenium in your diet is that it helps to regulate the thyroid function. For those who have difficulty losing weight, the thyroid hormones can largely be a cause of this. If your thyroid gland is not functioning effectively, you will not be burning as many calories on a daily basis. Getting a proper intake of Selenium will encourage better regulation of this.

In addition to that, this nutrient also plays a role in the immune system, aiding to help keep your body strong, fighting off invading bacteria or viruses.

Finally, this nutrient has also been seen to be beneficial for helping with heart disease and for arthritis sufferers.

The best places to get this nutrient include Brazil nuts, tuna, beef, cod, turkey, chicken breast, enriched noodles, eggs (whole), and cottage cheese.

The recommended intake for adults, aged 19 or over, is 55 micrograms per day. If you are pregnant however, this will jump to 60 micrograms, and if you're lactating, aim for 70.

In order to prevent toxic levels, it is advised that you do not consume levels higher than 400 micrograms per day.

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