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Antioxidants - Ginkgo biloba

Used for medical purposes for thousands of years, Ginkgo biloba is a powerful antioxidant that offers many health benefits.

Gingko biloba has been used to treat medical conditions related to the mind, including Alzheimer's dementia and a condition known as 'cerebral insufficiency'.

Gingko biloba has also shown to be useful for some individuals when it comes to enhancing the memory, reducing motion sickness, lessening the symptoms of premenstrual disorder, as well as reducing chemotherapy-related organ vascular damage.

The general recommended dosage for this antioxidant is to consume 80 to 240 milligrams of the 50:1 standardized leaf extract. This is to be taken daily through oral dosages, divided up 3 times throughout the day.

You can also get this antioxidant through tea (usually containing 30 milligrams per bag and through fortified foods. More and more energy drinks are now providing it as well to aid in concentration and alertness.

Since it is a herb however, it has not going through the strict laboratory testing that some of the common prescription medications have, and as such, you are required to take it at your own risk. While it is tolerated well in most healthy adults, there have been reports of headaches, nausea, and intestinal issues.

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