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Antioxidants - Melatonin

Commonly used as a sleep aid, melatonin can also act as an antioxidant. Because melatonin can cross the cell membranes and into the blood brain barrier, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants available for humans.

One important thing to note, however, is that once melatonin has been oxidized, it will be transformed to its end state. Other antioxidants, such as vitamin C for example, are able to undergo redox cycling, so they can potentially be used over again.

Some of the benefits of this antioxidant include that it can help to reduce some of the damage that has been caused by Parkinson's disease in certain individuals. It may also play a key role in the prevention of cardiac arrhythmia and help to increase the lifespan.

This supplement will normally be taken orally, by those who are concerned with night-time sleep habits, jet lag, or any other circadian rhythm sleep problems.

Finally, a few of the other benefits that it may offer are improvements in memory and learning ability with those who have Alzheimer's, aiding those with ADHD to get to sleep sooner upon going to bed, increasing fertility levels in women who are trying to conceive, helping with headache sufferers, and fighting against depression symptoms.

So, as you can see, this is an all-around good supplement to take, both for antioxidant benefits, as well as improving your health if you suffer from a variety of disease conditions.

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