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Regular exercise : training right

By continuing regular exercise, you can ensure that all of the health and fitness benefits that you have gained by starting to be more physically active are not wasted. If you do not continue regular exercise, you'll lose the benefits that you previously gained fairly quickly.

These benefits may vary from person to personl, but can include weight loss, improved physical fitness, toning up, building muscle or reducing the risk of developing certain illnesses and conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Continuing to exercise regularly is simple and you can improve your health and fitness levels easily by exerting yourself slightly more every week, for example.

It is important to progress from your initial levels of fitness to increased levels gradually. Consider joining a gym and attending three times a week. Take more interests in sorts such as swimming, cycling or fitness classes which offer you impact free training, excellent support, encouragement and motivation to improve your levels of fitness.

After a while, you'll begin to notice improvements in your general fitness and wellbeing and your stamina and performance will also improve immensely! You might also notice that your body becomes more toned and your muscles become more defined and larger. Overall then, you'll look and feel much healthier and be able to gain weight control, tone up and generally have more energy!

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