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How much to exercise?

If you want to lose weight, exercise can play a vital role. So how much exercise should you do? It is important to realise that you need to build up to at least half an hour of exercise per day for most of the week. It is not only a question of how much exercise should you do though. The intensity of physical activity is essential when determining the extent of the exercise that you indulge in each day. so the question of how much exercise should you do needs to be altered to encompass the aspect of how much and how hard for the best solution to staying active and getting fit as well as maintaining weight control.

Children also need to try and fit in more hours per week of moderate levels of physical activity to maintain good health and fitness levels. Moderate activity refers to brisk walk for example. Performing light exercise regularly can help you to detoxify your body while too much vigorous exercise can be detrimental to your health through the production of free radicals.

Doing moderate physical activity can help you to steadily achieve improved health and fitness and should not cause you injury. Overexerting your body is neither good for your health nor for your fitness and you should aim to remain within your target heart rate zone which is around 75-85% of your maximum exercising heart rate for the best fat burning potential.

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