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LivingWell gyms

Get fit the fun way

LivingWell have 47 health clubs spread throughout the UK & Ireland based in Hilton hotels. What sets LivingWell gyms apart is their unique approach to getting fit with a philosophy of "Personalised fitness for life".

So what can you expect? You will get a warm welcome at any of their clubs, and with professional and friendly trainers helping you to achieve your fitness goals, you will have fun whilst you train.

Over the last few years, many of LivingWell's clubs have undergone a complete transformation. 29 clubs have already been refurbished and equipment replaced with brand new state-of-the-art Precor equipment. The surroundings are more contemporary and LivingWell want to ensure that members are able to enjoy a high quality fitness experience alongside the personalised instructor service.


Facilities & Equipment

Although each club is slightly different, a typical club's facilities include :

  • A Fully air-conditioned gym
  • A swimming pool, spa, sauna & steam room
  • Complimentary towels and toiletries
  • A selection of free exercise classes
  • A range of exclusive benefits from Hilton hotels*

Added Value

Overall LivingWell offers a fun, friendly and welcoming fitness experience - a place where you can relax, tone up or wind down in very comfortable surroundings.

Some of the Refurbished clubs

See the latest refurbished clubs below :

LivingWell Arundel
LivingWell Blackpool
LivingWell Craigendarroch
LivingWell Docklands
LivingWell Glasgow
LivingWell Sheffield



For more information and to find out about their monthly offers, visit :

» livingwell.com

 *Terms and conditions apply

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