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Read our reviews of the leading UK gyms before you go anywhere near them! Compiled to answer the questions we get most often: Who are they? Which UK gyms chain is right for me? Where can I find them? Why should I spend my money joining their gym? GymUser.co.uk can save you time and money on UK gyms (* just see their promotions).

Our UK gyms reviews are put together with the assistance of the club in question in order to get the facts right. But this is not the gym talking! We have reviewers posed as Gym Users to go in to each one to find out more about them as a club.

featured gym

Bannatynes Gyms
For great health and fitness facilities, try out this top gym chain online with GymUser today.
More on Bannatynes...
Cannons Gyms
Cannons health fitness club offer facilities for adults and families including gym, health suite and relaxation areas at all clubs.
More on Cannons...
Curves Gyms
Developed for Ladiea Only to work out to overcome any self-conscious feelings, a great place to start.
More on Curves...
David Lloyd Gyms
Now back in private hands, David Lloyd gyms offer some of the UK's leading fitness and tennis facilities.
More on David Lloyd...
Esporta Gyms
With over 207,000 members, Esporta is the country's fastest growing premium and luxury clubs offering superb facilities.
More on Esporta...
Fitness First Gyms
Fitness First's beauty is that they offer everyone, regardless of size, shape and ability, affordable health and fitness across the UK.
More on Fitness First...
JJB Gyms
With locations across the UK, you can't go wrong with this top health club chain.
More on JJB...
LA Fitness Gyms
An innovative and vibrant operator that is now one of the most respected UK chains in and out of the industry. Locations across the UK.
More on LA Fitness...
Livingwell Gyms
As part of the Hilton Group, Livingwell are ideally positioned location-wise and in their aims to help you get fit and healthy.
More on Livingwell...
Total Fitness Gyms
With more equipment for exercise, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy than any other UK chain, Total Fitness offer excellent memberships across NW England & into Ireland.
More on Total Fitness...
Virgin Active Gyms
Life centres that have fantastic range of facilities and space to do whatever you want to do. Virgin Active are growing fast with locations across the UK.
More on Virgin Active...

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