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H20 workout

H20 workout fitness classes are designed to offer you an excellent cardiovascular exercise routine that allows you to improve your fitness levels and gain overall health benefits. Aerobic workouts are great for increasing the heart rate and improving fitness levels. With an H20 workout you can basically indulge in a great workout using water as the main resistance.

Tone up all of your major muscle groups and improve your fitness using the support provided to you through water. As well as this, you can burn fat and lose weight to get a fabulously toned body. An H20 workout is ideal for recovery from injuries and pregnant woman to exercise as the water supports the body, which minimises stress on joints and ligaments.

As the water is so supportive of the body, realistically anyone can get involved in an h20 class. The workout is so effective as it offers impact free training for all levels. The classes vary in complexity so it's a good idea to read about which classes appeal to you.

From gentle stretching and flexibility training (which is great for those recovering from operations, injuries, and, as previously mentioned, pregnant women) to high intensity, deep water classes that concentrate on men and women with the best fitness levels. This water class involves around 45 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise.

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