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Chi Ball classes

The Chi Ball (pronounced ~ Chee) is a great way of teaching people to experience a natural state of balance. It is the balance of the mind, body and spirit and the Chi Ball method aims to help us try and achieve this state again.

Self awareness, balance and individual sense of well being are all ways in which people can improve the way they live and the satisfaction that life provides them. Traditional Chinese medicine and yoga are two instances where the Chi Ball has been adapted for people to use to gain health benefits and fitness, flexibility and balance improvements.

Deep relaxation and body conditioning are also excellent options for you to try using such methods.

Tai Chi can help you to improve circulation and deep breathing exercises and lead to increased stamina and endurance as well as added energy control and the fitness and health benefits make this form of mind and body class a must for anyone interested in achieving the health benefits associated with such activities.

This is a class that caters for the needs of everyone and can prove to be excellent for people with pain or those recovering from injury. Take advantage of it now in an instructor-led environment.

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